Back to School              

 The Back to School project is made possible by the hard work and dedication of Rotarians and volunteers in both the Philippines and Canada.

Today, a new milestone is marked as another stakeholder from the Mactan Export Zone,  Metro Wear Inc., a manufacturing company of popular brand apparel, donates 24 sewing machines to Rotary Mactan and Department of Education Lapulapu to facilitate training of our ALS graduates and other interested parties.  MWI, will provide trainers and instructors who will conduct training at the Rotary Club of Mactan Information and Training Center.   Applicants will have the opportunity to undergo a 16-day hi-speed sewer training program.  After which, they will be screened to qualify for employment.    This is an advantage to the trainees because they will be using the same type of machines when they will be working at Metro Wear Inc.